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Music Ministry

Parkview is recognized by those who visit us as a body

of believers with an enthusiastic and talented group of musicians. This enthusiasm we believe is born from an overflow of joy from each one's heart in response to God's grace in each of their lives. We believe when God's Spirit moves in our church, a natural overflow will be our adoration to Him through music.

At Parkview, music plays an integral part in our worship services.  We realize the music ministry has the awesome task of preparing God's church to enter into worship by lifting up and proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ.

At Parkview, we recognize the favor of God for blessing

us with talented singers and musicians throughout our history. And because there is a place for you at Parkview,

we believe God will continue to add to the music ministry.

Realizing that people have varied musical tastes,

Parkview's music ministry reflects a variety of musical styles. You will hear the sanctuary choir perform choral arrangements, the praise and worship ministry leading the congregation in more contemporary music,

the congregational singing of hymns of the faith,

and the instrumentalists performing special music.

If you want to worship God through the ministry of music, together we can connect, grow, and serve!

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